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  • Best Drinks from Airport Bars
    October 11, 2021 Web Services

    Best Drinks from Airport Bars

    A sip or two of your favorite cocktail is maybe the best use of downtime at the airport. Everyone needs a minute or two alone at the bar catching up on game scores and just enjoying a nice drink. But there’s an art to choosing a great drink and we appreciate a refined approach. So where should you reach first? Here’s our suggestions.
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  • Airport Design
    October 4, 2021 Web Services

    Airport Design

    So we have been through a few airports in our life. Basically all of them. And that experience gives us a unique take on what airports can do to, ahem, improve things.
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  • The Return of Travel
    October 4, 2021 Web Services

    The Return of Travel

    Remember that feeling of walking into the airport lounge? You’re through the very thorough security check. You’ve made it past the tourists figuring out that in pre-check you don’t have to take off your shoes. And finally, you can grab a drink and focus on whatever the hell you want for an hour while you wait on your plane. That’s the moment of travel that makes it all worth it. And it’s coming back. 
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