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Best Drinks from Airport Bars

Best Drinks from Airport Bars

A sip or two of your favorite cocktail is maybe the best use of downtime at the airport. Everyone needs a minute or two alone at the bar catching up on game scores and just enjoying a nice drink. But there’s an art to choosing a great drink and we appreciate a refined approach. So where should you reach first? Here’s our suggestions.

Gin and Tonic. It’s hard to be a classic. And this one is classic for a reason. Hendrick’s Gin with a touch of lime is a perfect approach to life. Not sweet. No bitter. Just damn good. 

Whiskey. We’re all gunslingers in one way or another. Travel really brings out the feeling of being on a dusty road for days at a time. Not much feels more manly than ordering a great whisky and wasting a half hour sipping it. You’ve gotta live. I generally go with Macallen if they have it. Or Blantons. Whatever your choice, get it on the rocks. 

Sazarec. What? This one threw you for a loop? Of course it did. But try it. Legend has it that Sazarec is one of the oldest American cocktails. And you’ll need a ‘better’ airport bar to get this one (like Q or One Flew South). It requires Absinthe. 

Old Fashioned. You’ll instantly feel a little stronger when you put in an order for an Old Fashioned. It’s survived 100 years of American change without even a glance. And it’s likely to outlive our troubles as well. So knock back one while remembering that this too shall pass. 

Bourbon. The sweet taste of success is best when it comes from a bourbon bottle. And nowadays, there’s so many good ones to choose from. We may be partial to Woodford Reserve, but Basil Hayden’s is a great competitor. Generally, it’s best to focus on Kentucky bourbons if possible. They are more authentic, like us. 

What’s your relaxation enhancer of choice? And where do you prefer to drink it? There’s something special about an airport bar, maybe it’s because I’m usually there when I’m travelling home. But it feels like the end of another successful trip to me. And pairing the perfect drink with the perfect bar is something of an artform that we can enjoy. 

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