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Top 5 for Fall

  • Alan Paine Wendover Wool-Cashmere Sweater Jacket


    With a longstanding heritage in both tailoring and sweater knitting, Alan Paine of England brings you a solid sweater jacket like no other. Nicely ...

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  • Italian Merino Quarter-Zip Sweater


    This extra-fine merino wool sweater is naturally moisture-wicking, keeping you at a comfortable body temp without the weight. Distinguished with a ...

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  • Save 42%

    Plaid Twill Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

    Original Price $118.00
    Current Price $69.00

    Not just a button-down plaid shirt, flecks of color add unique character, and a slightly heavier twill than average makes it ideal for cooler days....

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  • Jack of Spades High Roller Comfort Stretch Jean


    From the very first time you zip these jeans on, you'll be "all in". You can bet on it, thanks to Jack of Spades. The High Roller relaxed gentleman...

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  • Sold out

    Wool-Cashmere Nailshead Sport Coat

    Original Price $528.00
    Current Price $299.00

    Tasteful texture lifts the look while retaining the same versatility as any solid wool jacket. Designed with hand-finished details, sweat shields a...

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  • Save 33%

    Mercerized Button-Front Short Sleeve Shirt

    Original Price $118.00
    Current Price $79.00

    You can take the short-sleeve route and still look perfectly polished. That's the genius of this mercerized cotton shirt. Collar stays neatly in pl...

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  • Save 30%

    Paisley / Fleck Long Sleeve Sport Shirt

    Original Price $128.00
    Current Price $89.00

    For a one-of-a-kind design, we chose to artfully arrange a fleck pattern under paisley to create an embroidered effect. Collar stays neatly in plac...

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  • Sold out

    Nelson Distressed Denim Jean Jacket

    Original Price $328.00
    Current Price $229.00

    The balance of old and new creates a denim jacket like no other. Each jacket is stone washed and meticulously treated for a one-of-a-kind vintage l...

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