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Christmas Gifts for Men

Christmas Gifts for Men

Looking to surprise someone this year? We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Christmas gifts for men that are sure to delight. Some are unique gift ideas and others are more traditional Christmas gifts for men. But either way, we guarantee he’ll be thrilled to get these gifts (no ties involved). 

The trick to a great men’s Christmas gift is something that is both useful and unexpected. It’s quite a trick to pull off, but when you choose wisely it can be a Christmas gift for the ages. And this year men’s apparel seems to be a trend. Lots of men only bought casual wear in 2020 and now we’re starting to head back to the office. So men’s dress clothing has jumped in 2021 and might be the perfect men’s Christmas gift for this year. When was the last time he added a new sport coat? 

Along those lines, we’ll start with a great sports jacket: 

Wool Herringbone Sport Coat 

Why this jacket? It is the perfect balance between dress and casual wear. He can wear it with jeans or dress pants and it will look perfect. The wool blend construction makes it warmer, so perfect for the upcoming season. And that herringbone look will attract attention. 

Ember Coffee Mug

Technology is always a good idea for men’s Christmas gifts. And this year will be no exception. This ultra cool coffee mug allows you to set a temperature for your coffee and will keep it there. No more running to the microwave to heat up that coffee after a long Zoom call. This Christmas gift will confuse him for just a second, until he realizes what it is. And that seems like a great way to start your Christmas day. Wash it ahead of time and fill it up as soon as it’s out of the wrapping paper. 

Theragun Mini Massager

As we age, those workouts get slightly tougher on the body. But we never hold back, do we? Here’s a Christmas gift idea that will improve his recovery time. A portable massager that can be used on the go as those sore or tight spots pop up. The Theragun works through the tightness like a professional masseuse. And he’ll be pushing himself even harder the next day. A men’s Christmas gift for the man who can’t slow his workout – no matter his age.

Sachel & Page Diplomat men’s bag

After a long season of Covid, it’s probably time for a new work bag. His old one isn’t making the grade anymore. And this Sachel & Page Diplomat bag is an excellent choice. Full grain leather, quality connectors and just the right size for a laptop. This is a Christmas gift that he’ll use for the next decade – and fondly remember the gift giver. 

A Masterclass Gift 

Does he love to learn? Is he focused on improving himself each year? Then stop here and get a Masterclass gift subscription. Masterclass gives him access to the best teachers in the world on any subject you want. Stephen Curry teaches you how to shoot. Samuel Jackson teaches acting. I think you understand: this is a men’s Christmas gift that makes him a better man. How do you top that? 

Scott Barber Cotton-Cashmere Sport Shirt

Ahh, the softness of cashmere in a warm, winter-ready sport shirt. This classic choice isn’t just another flannel shirt. But it feels as soft and warm as flannel. The upscale buttons and quiet style make it work with a suit (or that sport coat above) as well as with jeans. For winter, you need a new favorite shirt and this one is many a man’s favorite. A classic Christmas gift that he’ll love. But made to work without the tie.

Powerbeats Pro Headphones

A music lover needs more than the classic Apple headphones. These are the upgraded version by Beats. And they add another level of clarity and sound to your music listening experience. Yes, they work great for cell phone calls, too, but really come alive when you push your favorite music through them. And they hook around your ears to hang on when you’re doing jumping jacks or your Crossfit class. Better music means a better workout, right? 

18 Year Old Glenlivet

Finding relaxation in the age of Covid is an exercise in itself. But there a few things that can help with that. This Christmas gift is one of those. The smooth, delicious taste of this single malt scotch whiskey somehow ends your day on a higher note. And seems to wash away the rest of the year with ease. We recommend this bottle for the week from Christmas to New Year’s. And then we’re on to 2022.

Bevel Beard Trimmer

Let me guess: he added a beard in the last year. Don’t let it get out of control. This is a Christmas gift idea that will help him look sharp no matter the situation. The Bevel beard trimmer is the best in the business. Clean, crisp shaving lines for that perfect professional look. If he’s using his 20 year old shaver to trim his beard, then help him out. This will definitely improve his morning routine. 

Monza Crocodile Driver Shoes

Handsome. Classic men’s shoes with slip-on comfort and high class style. If you want to surprise him (in a good way), go with these shoes. They will be his lifeline for the next year. Ultra comfortable men’s shoes that don’t just work with a suit, but improve it significantly. Another great men’s Christmas gift. 

The Pike Pocket Knife by James

Every man needs a good pocket knife. And this is an excellent one. James crafted a modern man’s version of the classic knife: just enough blade to get the job done and a handsome look and minimalist feel. This is the knife you dream of pulling out to help break down an Amazon box or cut up that summer watermelon. He will be proud to carry a knife that looks this beautiful. Add this to your men’s Christmas gift idea list – he will be thrilled to open it (every time). 

Oculus Quest 2

Every man needs to escape a bit. And escaping to the metaverse can be cool, especially when you have friends around the world you’d like to connect with. We have a sneaky suspicion that the Oculus Quest might be the surprise men’s Christmas gift of 2021. It lets you get out without getting out, if you follow. And it includes a lot of fun games that aren’t just for him. Even if Covid roars back, he’ll have a way to get out of the house for a bit.

Pantherella Multi-stripe Socks

Ties are a big no-no. He does not want a tie for Christmas. But if you have to get a classic gift, at least make it interesting. These Pantherella socks have style. And they are comfortable. So use these as stocking stuffers and let him pick his own ties. That’s where I’ll leave it. 

Hopefully you’ve found the perfect men’s Christmas gift from this list. It seems like every type of man is covered: the gym rat, the outdoorsman, the techy guy, and the stylish man. If you didn’t find the perfect Christmas gift for him, hopefully you at least got a Christmas gift idea that you can use. I’m sure he will love whatever you choose as long as it’s from the heart. 

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