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Off The Beaten Path

Off The Beaten Path

Testosterone is a funny thing. Sometimes we need to win. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves and make sure we’re still men. And a guys weekend is the perfect way to win at life while finding out what you’re really made of. The perfect man trip includes a bit of physical challenge, a lot of out-of-office time and very little cell service (to protect us from work and family). So these trips are designed to make sure you get away, satisfy some of those testosterone-fueled urges and avoid complications back home. Don’t pack a razor and don’t worry about a charging cord. Let’s get off the beaten path and make a life worth living. 

Running the Rapids

Here’s a trip that knocks off a few things: West Virginia (no offense, but when else are you going to hit this state?), a physical challenge, and a beautiful memory that won’t be forgotten. In West Virginia is one of the best rivers in the US to raft down. And it offers various levels of challenge depending on the amount of testosterone flooding your system. You can do this the hard way: bring tents, rent a raft and go on your own. Or settle down at a resort and make sure you rest up overnight. This is a perfect long weekend trip with the guys. And I can guarantee you won’t forget tangling with Mother Nature as you conquer the river. I recommend a fire, fish and beer to finish the day. 

A Desert Challenge

Looking for a more direct way to beat your friends? Head to Flagstaff, Arizona and have a golf weekend at Forest Highlands golf course. It’s one of the best courses in the US, warm all year (ahm December golf). Camp out at Little America and be sure to hit the casinos one night.  Thirty-six holes and two wins in a day is the perfect way to get a break from life. Oh, and to make sure your friends know who is more athletic. 

Big Sky and Fly Fishing

Or learn to run a ranch. If you ever hit it big, you’re definitely going to want a ranch in your portfolio. So why not learn now and enjoy the time doing it. The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana is a hell of a way to spend a long weekend. Fly fishing, horseback riding, and skeet shooting all included. And you can end the day at a saloon for the perfect finish. This place is the perfect mix between activities and five-star relaxation. And the scenery is unbelievable. 

More Sports for You? 

Prefer a little less outdoors? Boston is a great city for a guys trip. You can tour Fenway Park and catch a game afterwards. Have a beer at the Cheers bar; make sure you invite at least one friend named Norm. If you want a challenge, go sailing in Boston Harbor (we recommend throwing some tea overboard). It’s a more laid back trip, but still a lot of history and life in a city that is worth visiting. How ‘bout them apples? 

Survive the Wild

Not risky enough for you? Well Colorado has what you need. 14,000 foot mountains that will – literally – take your breath away. Or, learn to survive in the wild with the Boulder Outdoor Survival School. They teach you everything you need to know in order to make it post-apocalypse. If that’s a little too organized for your friends, I recommend Redcloud and Sunshine Peaks. Stay in Telluride as a perfect home base for this trip. There’s also another million trails around that you can tackle if you so choose. Or go early in the year and ski it all. In general, Colorado is a perfect state for a man weekend.

Bonus: Further Afield Fun

Need to get out of the US to really get a break? This one isn’t a long weekend, its for when you need a week with your buddies. Hike an active volcano and wake up near lava. Sound manly enough for you? Acatenango Volcano hikes in Guatemala are overnight and something you’ll tell your grandkids about. This isn’t a day hike and you’ll be pushed to your limits as well. But it’s something that the other board members won’t have the cojones to do. And when you walk out, you’ll feel like you’ve conquered Mother Nature and everything she has to throw at you. Every ten years, you need a trip like this with only the guys. 

There you go. Some good ideas for what to plan on the next trip. And – if you’re like us – it’s overdue. Time to start the group text and figure out the weekend to make this happen. Good friendships require effort and a little competition, so pick your favorite and make it happen today. Carpe diem, as they say.

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