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Airport Design

Airport Design

So we have been through a few airports in our life. Basically all of them. And that experience gives us a unique take on what airports can do to, ahem, improve things. Yes, it could be a lot better. Here’s our five suggestions:

  1. Easy in Uber lines. Airports clearly love taxis and hate Ubers. Well guess what, travel has changed and I’m showing up in an Uber now. So make it easy for Uber drivers to drop us near our gate. None of these weird ‘Uber parking lots’ where I have a walk a damn mile after getting out of the car.
  2. The Clear Pre-Check line should be clear of tourists. You have all the data, airline executive. You know if this person travels two times a year or 100 times a year. If they only travel two times a year, let’s assume they have no idea how to quickly pass through a security line. And let’s push them out of the Clear Precheck line. That thing is getting out of control. 
  3. Same goes for every other line in an airport. Take the lead from the Airlines – they let frequent fliers get on early so we don’t have to deal with someone trying to figure out their huge bag won’t fit in an overhead bin. Trust me, it’s a win-win. 
  4. Better, faster food. Airports seems to have two choices for food: fast garbage or slow decent food. I usually don’t have two hours to eat a steak place. What I want is decent food that I can eat in about thirty minutes and still make my flight. Fast, good food. Some airports do this better than others, but there’s room for improvement. 
  5. Most importantly: Stop breaking up the terminals. I genuinely lose my mind every time I have to walk out of Terminal A and go through another security line to get in Terminal B. I have no idea what the designer was thinking when this idea was put into place. Just stop it. One security line gives you access to all the terminals. Just in case I make a mistake every now and then. 

We can dream of the perfect airport. Maybe that says something about us, but when you spend a ton of time in airports you definitely see opportunities to improvement. So we’re putting our advice out there. 

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