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The Return of Travel

The Return of Travel

Remember that feeling of walking into the airport lounge? You’re through the very thorough security check. You’ve made it past the tourists figuring out that in pre-check you don’t have to take off your shoes. And finally, you can grab a drink and focus on whatever the hell you want for an hour while you wait on your plane. That’s the moment of travel that makes it all worth it. And it’s coming back. 

We have been through some stuff. Fear of dying at first. Then a lockdown that kept us from getting out and talking to …. well anyone. And we’ve done it without too many complaints. We’ll it’s been a year and half and it’s time to travel again. Even with a mask on, it’s nice to get out into the world and handle your business the way it should be handled, face to face. So welcome back to the time where travel was acceptable and normal. We’re getting there. 

Williams & Kent didn’t create the perfect travel clothing for nothing. We made it because we love traveling. There’s an energy to hitting a plane to Chicago and locking down that deal. There’s something very masculine about being on four flights in a week and maximizing every second to push your business forward. I’m sure the ladies love it, too, but at Williams & Kent, we focus on men’s travel apparel, because that’s what we know. 

So congratulations! Raise a glass at your favorite hotel bar and be proud that you made it through. It’s almost 2022 and we’re finally getting back to normal.

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